for the time being of us having each other, i’ve already lost count of the fights we have had put up or whosoever made more mistakes than the other.

for the longest of days that we’ve sailed this relationship onto rough and tough or smooth and calm waves, i’ve began not to took notice of how many happy memories we have so far made nor whoever between the both of us made the most number of efforts to make the other happy.

for the ages and years of this “fruitful” but at the same time “toxic” relationship – dreadful words uttered to each other, knives thrown to hurt the other as equally (or maybe more than) the pain one of us had been feeling, pride and lust, love and hate and all those things that made us, i’ve lost myself into you, thinking that i’m no longer whole if not with and for ur existence and otherwise.

for the whole time that we’re together, our void universe have collided, our damned souls combined, our shaky fingers entwined, our broken hearts entangled.

we are no longer “just” individuals for we always share to half of everything we have. my world is no longer “only” my world but also ours, my hands are no longer alone and shaky but now firm and steady as it have been entwined into your own, my soul is no longer damned but is now healed together with the same half of yours, my heart is no longer the broken heart it used to be but completely whole as your heart took the half and mended it.

for years we have been splintered, hurt, crushed, healed, transfixed, united, steadied, calmed and solidified to a union which we both wish could be for eternity.

and this is us, baby we’re fucking divine. for the days and time may have been gone but never us.


OJT Diaries: Into the Woods

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Finding an internship could be tough and tricky and will really drain your energy, confidence and hope all at the same time. 

But, to have means to search and reach for it even when the level of exhaustion and fatigue you can get is higher than the probability of being accepted. Everything is worth a shot, though.

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