From Where We Stand: A Political Discourse

In light of the recent PH Presidential Debate last February 21, I made some reviews about theĀ presidentiable’sĀ performances and statements for the whole stint. Feel free to leave your comments down below and if you don’t agree with what I have said, go and have a sensible discourse with me šŸ˜‰

So let’s start.

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Fashion Staples: Learning The Basics


Disclaimer:Ā It’s my first time to do this and I’m no expert when it comes to fashion. However, i share a fair amount of liking when it comes to clothes mix-and-match and the likes. So yes, allow me to share to you some of the basics of fashion that you could actually wear on your everyday routine.Ā 

It’s not everyday that you could score a look that seems to make you feel confident and comfortable all at the same time. Personally, most often than not, I find it hard to think of which clothes should I wear that will boost up my confidence while showing the world a glimpse of my personality because clearly, your taste in fashion reflects your own style in general.

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Reasons Why Alan Rickman was the Perfect Professor Snape


Potterhead or not, I think Harry Potter has paved its way through the billion hearts of its readers and viewers from all over the world even up to this day. Not to mention the remarkable “lightning” icon the movie and book has left, the casts and characters have really carved their marks on the skies-the-limit influence among their audience. All of them have really transfigured themselves to personify the magnificent characters J.K Rowling has created. Especially, Alan Rickman.

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