Salvation (n.)

“You’re sad again; empty, as i must say.
Your mind’s a mess, your heart’s stinging in silence.
You opt not to talk to anyone, shutting down yourself from the universe.
You are trapped in that darkness; alone as ever, pushing away everyone who fight their own way in to save you.
You stood still; blank and hurting.
Your eyes are clear, your heart’s vague with tears.
You chose pain over love, over things you better know were just temporary.
You opted to hurt yourself before other people might hurt you. Nice saving, i must say.
But aren’t you tired of that?
Aren’t you tired of building up walls that’s just making you difficult to even breathe?
Aren’t you tired of pushing and fighting off people
that your hands are all wounded now?
Aren’t you tired of trying to save yourself from nothing?
There’s this light, Darling, over that aching door.
Open it and thus you shall live.”


Turmoil (n.)


So tell me how do i forget all things that had happened between us? All those kisses and lingering touches we made only for one another. All those words and silences, all those noise and spaces – all of those only the both of us know what they really mean.

So tell me how do i forget someone who had made me feel such things? Someone who had juggle my insides into that circle of emotions. Someone who had touch only the deepest secrets and went through the darkest abyss of me. Someone who i believed was made for me.

So tell me how do i forget all those places who were all the witness of our unity? All those paths only our bare feet have touched, trailing each of our steps with stones that would bring us on our way home.

So tell me how do i forget you? Without remembering all these? Without bearing pain and aching for glee only with you i could gain. Without feeding my soul from sorrow and craving for hope only you could give me.

So tell me how do i forget all these, when in the first place, i never really want to?


Misconception (n.)


Once there was a girl who was so inlove she barely noticed her own world, her own self slipping out of her hand. Instead, she made him the center of everything she had – dreams, life, love. He did the same, hopefully.

They were happy. But just like all the other things on earth – a happy start was just a preamble to all things sorrowful.

He loved her. But she loved him more. In all her attempts to fix and recover what was loss between them, in all her attempts to made him realize her worth – he grew distant. Like he, himself had his own battle that he chose not to fight with her. But she still tried – healing everything that’s broken with her love, tears, and emotions.

He got tired. She got tired.

But she still tried. Hopefully wishing things could go back the way they used to be. If only she had been content with the love he could give, if only she had mastered the art of accepting the love she deserves. If only.

Their story ended for both of them would never really work.

He, constantly fighting with his own battle.

She, trying to fix everything she thought of being broken, overthinking things that never really happened.

He, who thought had given all he could.

She, who thought had given more.


Just because people can’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they didn’t try to love you with everything that they had.