Welcome to the Real World, Self!

They say you can’t grasp the reality of the world not until you’ve become part of it. Not until you’ve landed yourself a decent job – which hopefully is related to the course you’ve taken up in college, not until you get to pay and buy things yourself. Not until you lose yourself in the series of OT’s, and not until you get lost within the heart of the corporate arena.

Three months – or maybe almost – after graduation, after posting long messages of farewell, goodbyes and well wishes; after cradling myself in the most needed breaks of my life; after almost getting into numbers of job interviews, of which have not been successful either because it’s not for me or I don’t really fit into it; after almost giving up with the thought that I’m meant to end up nothing but a bum for the rest of my life, I finally got a job.

Last July, I got accepted as a Corporate Communications Associate at Cherry Mobile. Well, if you’d ask me if this was my dream job, I won’t be able to hand you in a decent answer because now 1) as long as I’m earning, every job is a dream come true; and 2) I’m quite happy with it – with all the perks, stress and learnings it has given me.

I won’t go into details about my job because basically I do a lot (believe me when I say a lot) of things considering that I’ve got two superiors. Anddddd, they basically have this big difference in personality which got me torn in between because they both work in different process and I feel like I’m being pulled in both ways. I was really having a hard time during my first weeks, because I have no idea of how things do work in the corporate world.

This is me in between idle and work moments. Kayod pa ‘te! Onti pa 😀

But thanks to the light ambiance of the office – despite the demanding and overflowing workloads; to my bosses who may have different personalities but are so amazing and generous in their own ways; and to my two ate’s who made my everyday stay at the office a lot tolerable and easier to manage.

To be honest, the reality that I am now an adult and I’m already working for my future hasn’t sunk into me yet. I feel like I am just an intern at the company, well everyone may have thought that because they say I look young for the job (and believe me, it’s not a compliment). But nonetheless, it still prides me knowing that I get to at least hand a little amount of money to my parents and I get to buy things using the fruit of my hard works.

For now, I’ll just enjoy things and let fate work in accord with its favor. I’ll just have to work on how I would grow and be mature enough to help myself stay afloat amidst all these.

And hopefully I can.




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